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Bacon and Egg Sandwich
English Breakfast
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Debs Tea Garden

Are you curious about British beer? Do you enjoy a full English breakfast? If so, come and meet other like-minded people in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere at Debs Tea Garden in Heuvelland. Here you can experience a great homemade English breakfast and then try out some of our best British bottled beers. We will be serving breakfasts on the second Saturday of each month from 10am to 12am, after which you can stay on to enjoy a few different beers.

Places are limited so please reserve your breakfast in advance.

Menu 1

(€15 per person)



Black Pudding

Egg - fried or scrambled


Bubble & Squeak

Fried Bread

Baked Beans


Glass of Fruit Juice


Cup of Tea or Coffee


Menu 2

(€7.50 per person)

Sandwich or roll with

Sausage and fried egg 


Bacon and fried egg


Cup of Tea or Coffee


Menu 3

(€5 per person)

Sandwich or roll with

Sausage and fried egg 


Bacon and fried egg


British Beers

(see below for descriptions)

Adnams - Broadside [6.3%]

Adnams - Ghost Ship [4.5%]

Badger - Fursty Ferret [4.4%]

Badger - Golden Champion []

Badger - Hopping Hare [4%]

Badger - Tanglefoot [5%]

Black Sheep - Ale [4.4%]

Courage - Directors [4.3%]

Crabbies - Ginger beer [4%]

Eagle - Bombardier [4.7%]

Fullers - ESB [5.9%]

Fullers - Honey Dew [5%]

Fullers - London Pride [4.7%]

Greene King - Abbots Ale [5%]

Green King - IPA Gold [4.1%]

Guinness [4.2%]

Morland - Old Speckled Hen [4.5%]

Morland - Old Golden Hen [4.1%]

Newcastle Brown Ale [4.7%]

Robinsons - Iron Maiden Trooper Ale [4.7%]

Shepherd & Neame - Bishops Finger [5.4%]

Shepherd & Neame - Master Brew [4%]

Shepherd & Neame - Spitfire Gold [4.3%]

Shepherd & Neame - Whitstable Bay Organic Ale [4.5%]

St Austell - Proper Job [5.5%]

Thatchers - Vintage Cider [7.4%]

Theakston - Old Peculier [5.6%]

Timothy Taylor - Landlord [4.5%]

Wadworth - 6X [4.3%]

Wychwood - Hob Goblin Gold [4.5%]

Wychwood - Hob Goblin IPA [ 5.3%]


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