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Brown Bess

Brunswick 1848 Pattern

Adams 1851 Revolver

Pattern 60


Lancaster Snider

E M Riley - Snider, Commercial

Pattern 53

Pattern 53 Snider

Remington 1858 New Army

Springfield Trapdoor 1863 .50/70

Calisher and Terry Carbine

HIATT Handcuffs

Tranter 4th Model

Chassepot 1866

Bayonet and Frog

Gras 1866/74

Gras Carbine


.36 London Navy Colts for Canadian Militia

Martini Henry MK II

Socket Bayonet & Frog

MKI & MKII Bayonet

Martini Henry MK IV 1

Mauser Model 71

Mauser Model 71 bayonet

Mauser Model 71/84

Mauser Model 71/84 Carbine

Monkey Tail

Commmercial Whitworth 450 Bore

Adams Fuse Igniter

Colt 1878 Revolvers - Gordon of Kharthoum

Enfield Cavalry Carbine

Martini Henry

1879 Sawback Sword Bayonet

Colt Bisley

Colt Wells Fargo

Colt 1873 SA - London Address

1886 Lebel

Steyr/Kropatschek Model 1886

Steyr/Kropatschek Model 1886 Carbine

Mauser Model 1888

Mauser M1888 ammunition pouches

.303 British ammunition belt

Lee Metford 1888 Pattern MkI*

Pattern 1888 1st Model 1st Pattern - 3 rivet Bayonet

Pattern 1888 1st Model 2nd Pattern Bayonet

Pattern 1888 2nd Model 1st Pattern Bayonet

British .303 ammunition pouches

Lee Metford Mk II

.303 British ammunition Bandalier

Lee Metford Cavalry Carbine

.303 Ammunition collection

Mauser 1896

Mauser 1896 Carbine

Colt New Service, 1st Model

Colt 1878

Webley Wilkinson Revolvers

Wilkinson Swords

Cased Webley RIC - Aubrey Moore

Cased Webley Government Army Model - C F Heatly

Enfield MkI Revolver

Enfield MkI Revolver

Enfield MkII Model 1882 Revolver

Express Rifle

Large Calibre Hunting Ammunition

Sniper Plate

Long Lee Rifles

Martini Enfield

Martini Metford

Mauser Rifles

UVF Lee-Enfield Carbine

Orange Sash

Camp Perry .22

Single Shot .22's

James Reid - My Friend

Pepperbox Revolver

Postman Revolver

Elliots Patent - 5 Shots

Purse Pistol

Billy Congreve - Webley Fosbery


SMLE's 1-5




1905 MkII Ross

1910 MkIII Ross

1910 MkIIIb Ross

Tank Geweer

Vickers Machine Gun


Tank Mask

.303 Hotchkiss

WW1 Helmets

Lewis Machine Gun

Thorton Pickard/Lewis Camera

Colt Model 1917

S&W Model 1917


1903 Springfield

VB Grenade Launcher

Pre-War Officer's Hat

C96 Small Ring

1893 Turkish Mauser

1890 Turkish Mauser

Model 1889 Webley Government

Webley Kaufman

SMLE No 1 Mk I

Welsh Cledd

Robbins Dudley Push Dagger

Ross Fighting Knife

US Trench Knife Mark I

1st & 2nd Pattern British Grenade Launchers

Gibbs Telescopic Sight

SOS Trench Mirror

Vigilant Bayonet Mirror

British Wire Breakers 2nd & 3rd Pattern

French Filou Wire Breaker

Flanders Mud Flap

Excavated SMLE with Pattern 23 Rifle Grenade

Excavated piece of Canadian SMLE MkIII* action

Canadian SMLE MkIII

New Zealand SMLE MkIII

Martin's Patent Night Sight

Royal Flying Corps Breech Cover

Thompson 1928 A1

Thompson M1

M1911 A1 US&S

M1911 A1 Ithaca

Inglis Mk1*

Webley Mk IV .38

Enfield No 2 Mk 1

M1 Garand

M1A1 Carbine with folding stock

M1 Carbine

M2 Carbine

M2 Carbine with bayonet

No 4 Mk 1* Long Branch

Fairburn Sykes fighting knives


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